Adaptable bone grafts by Biomendex

We at Biomendex develop and manufacture adaptable synthetic bone substitute materials for bone regeneration. Our invention, Adaptos®, is the first bioactive bone graft substitute that surgeons can cut, shape or squeeze into place. It is the only bone graft substitute that mimics bone by being resilient and bioactive.

The operational freedom during surgery is no longer restricted by the lack of material properties. On the contrary, our products can easily be tailored to meet the needs of each individual patient. Adaptos® combines cancellous bone structure and operational usability being similar to native autologous bone (the golden standard) in terms of usability; it can give better surgical outcome, reduce operational risks, cut operation time and create financial savings.

Adaptos makes bone graft harvesting redundant and thus reduces the healing sites in the patient’s body.

Our mission in Biomendex is to give the surgeons the freedom to operate. We believe that delivering versatile and better working medical devices to operating theaters is an essential factor in improving surgical outcomes and minimizing the operational risks in bone regeneration.

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Shape, Squeeze & Cut

See how Adaptos works

Adaptos® is made of two substances, a polymer and a bioceramic material. Both components are already in clinical use.

The use of Adaptos® bone substitute; Eliminates the need for bone grafting – this cuts surgery time, costs and reduces complications. Improves current treatments – no disabilities. Enables entirely new procedures – treating cranial defects in small children.

This is how Adaptos®, the adaptive bone graft substitute works.
Squeeze and bend, shape and cut.


Adaptos® Squeeze >>Adaptos® Sponge Effect >>

“Adaptos enables the golden standard operations without autologous bone graft.”

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