EU to award Biomendex Oy up to €2,2M funding for entry to the orthopaedic implant market

The funding will accelerate market entry and support the company’s growth vision EU has awarded Biomendex Oy a grant of up to €2,2M for conducting clinical trials, scaling up production and for go-to-market activities of the AdaptosTM product over the next 24 months. The funding was granted under the European Innovation Council (EIC) pilot known as… Read more »

High porosity and bone attachment are crucial elements for a synthetic bone graft – study demostrates the excellent properties of a novel composite material

Adaptos™ is a highly porous composite material combining the bioactivity of ceramic granules and the excellent mechanical properties of a polymer phase. The development of AdaptosTM is based on high-quality research. A study describing the technology behind AdaptosTM was published last summer in European Cells and Materials, which is listed in InCites Journal Citation Reports… Read more »