Oletko etsimämme Kaupallinen tuotepäällikkö?

Etsimme Kaupallista tuotepäällikköä ketterän Adaptos® luunkorvike -tiimimme jäseneksi. (in English below) Haluaisitko sinä muuttaa maailmaa hivenen paremmaksi paikaksi? Kenties med tech on alana innostava tai koet, että kirurgit ja potilaat ansaitsevat paremmin toimivia tuotteita? Inspiroidut asiakkaidesi ja tiimisi kanssa työskentelystä? Osaat nauttia matkasta, mutta näet myös sinisen meren tuolle puolen? Me Biomendexillä uskomme, että kirurgeilla… Read more »

Adaptos micro-CT analysis of the porous composite structure

More functional synthetic bone graft substitutes are developed with reliable porosity analysis and properly chosen analysis methods

High porosity, optimal pore size and high interconnectivity of the pores are essential for successful tissue ingrowth and bone regeneration in synthetic bone graft substitutes. Adaptos™ is a highly porous composite material in which the porous structure is created by supercritical CO2-foaming. The development of Adaptos™ is based on high-quality research. A study describing and… Read more »

EU to award Biomendex Oy up to €2,2M funding for entry to the orthopaedic implant market

The funding will accelerate market entry and support the company’s growth vision EU has awarded Biomendex Oy a grant of up to €2,2M for conducting clinical trials, scaling up production and for go-to-market activities of the AdaptosTM product over the next 24 months. The funding was granted under the European Innovation Council (EIC) pilot known as… Read more »

High porosity and bone attachment are crucial elements for a synthetic bone graft – study demostrates the excellent properties of a novel composite material

Adaptos™ is a highly porous composite material combining the bioactivity of ceramic granules and the excellent mechanical properties of a polymer phase. The development of AdaptosTM is based on high-quality research. A study describing the technology behind AdaptosTM was published last summer in European Cells and Materials, which is listed in InCites Journal Citation Reports… Read more »